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Garden Clearance

Is your garden in need of some TLC? Or do you just want to re-landscape, replant, and revitalise it? As a competent rubbish removal business, we are here to assist you with whatever needs you may have. So, whether you need to get rid of a rusted trampoline or piles of leaves, branches, and weeds, we provide the most versatile and well-known services at an affordable price.

Competitive Prices

Environmentally Conscious

We've created a full-service garden waste pickup and disposal programme that's suited to our clients' needs. Any soil, BBQs, heaters, lawnmowers, grass & plant cuttings, and anything else blocking up your shed or garden can be removed by our service. We can remove any type of waste, regardless of its size, shape, or quantity.

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Service Benefits

Our professional team is ready to go and always smiling!

  • Refresing to get such a personal touch.

  • Help with projects of all sizes

  • Dedicated waste clearance vehicles

  • Reasonable and affordable quotes

  • What Counts As Garden Waste?

    Garden waste is the term used to describe any waste that accumulates in your outdoor space. From broken trampolines to hedge trimmings, our friendly team collects and recycles it all. If you’re unsure whether your waste constitutes garden waste, contact our team today for more information and to discuss the best service for you!

  • Do I Need To Load And Pack The Waste Myself?

    No. We will never ask you to load and pack your waste yourself. In fact, our team will be reluctant to let you lift a finger whilst we are there or before! The only exception to this is where your waste is difficult to reach for our team or where it puts them at risk. In these rare circumstances we might ask for your help – but it doesn’t happen often!

  • Do Your Clearance Services Cover All Garden Types and Sizes?

    Absolutely. From gravel gardens to large gardens, we cover all garden types and sizes with our waste clearance services.