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Construction Waste

At A&E Waste, we have unique speciality in construction clearance. We understand that construction waste clearance is a more specialised area. We know there can be hazardous and heavy-duty items to be removed. Therefore our team is trained and experienced to provide construction waste clearance. We are linked with all the local waste removal sites, and we are registered to deal with such materials.

Competitive Prices

Environmentally Conscious

For a start, we always make you our top priority. From working around your routine to providing the most accommodating and high quality service possible, we pull out all of the stops to ensure you are 100% happy with our construction waste services. That’s why our customers always come back! We aim to recycle at least 80% of all building waste collected by our team We are fast, efficient and responsible on the job, causing minimal disruption We work flexibly around your routine.

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Service Benefits

Our professional team is ready to go and always smiling!

  • Refresing to get such a personal touch.

  • Help with projects of all sizes

  • Dedicated waste clearance vehicles

  • Reasonable and affordable quotes

  • What Is Construction Waste?

    Put simply, construction waste is used to describe any unwanted or excess materials produced during the construction process. Whether this a result of construction, demolition or renovation, any waste generated is classed as construction waste. Typically this might include anything from plasterboard to rubble, and timber to bricks. If you’re still unsure what construction waste we can collect, call our friendly team today to discuss your personal needs.

  • Can We Hire Anyone To Get Rid Of Construction Waste?

    Unfortunately not. In order to comply with the law you must ensure the company or individual that you hire to dispose of your construction waste is licensed and they will ethically recycled and disposed of the waste. You should always hire a reputable waste removal company like ours with strong testimonials, high ratings and plenty of experience.

  • Do We Have To Separate Our Waste?

    We accepts a wide range of waste types, including recyclables to non-recyclables. If these are not separated upon collection, our friendly team will organise and separate all waste anyway following collection, so don’t stress! If you have sorted it before we arrive though, the job can be carried out that much quicker.